EQ -The Death of the EQ community?

A couple of weeks back Vanguard released their NDA allowing beta testers to talk freely about their beta. Though there we’re a few threads commending the great job Sigil had done given the situation and time constraints, the vast majority of post centered on either Vanguards huge file structure (17 gb), their high graphics requirements (even on balanced performance Vaguard would bring today’s top end computers to their knee’s), lack of content (Vanguard tried too do too much too soon in my opinion, 3 continents is a little much) or even it’s general lackluster feel (no comment). The problem is the vast majority of Vanboi’s (Vanguard fan boys) are by products of the old Everquest community which have been with out a solid game to call their own for around four years now.

In the mmorpg world, communities are an extremely tight knit group who will generally stand together and are very resistant to change. If a community gets behind your game, especially one as storied as the Everquest community, they can literally make, break and even shape the very content in your game, sometimes for the worst (alas poor World of Warcraft alpha, so much promise). Point being, if Vanguard does flop how well can the EQ community stick together? And which game of 2007 will the community get behind, Conan? Warhammer? Lord of the Rings?

A similar situation happened to Ultima Online community a couple of years back. Many, disgusted with the lack of meaningful pvp in Everquest, held out for games like Shadowbane and even other Ultima Online expansion packs only to be throughly disappointed. Now the community has split apart and gone their separate ways, no longer a driving force in the mmorpg world, just a distant memory. Though I have found a few of them hanging around the DarkFall forums (www.darkfallonline.com)

Personally I do believe this is the beginning of the end for the EQ community. Too many disappointments (EQ2, WoW, and now Vanguard) break apart the community and separate would be allies. The EQ community is split now between too many games, so much that not even a announcement of Everquest 3 may be able to bring it back. The game with the most promise for the community on the outlook for 2007 is Age of Conan. Though it’s less the traditional mmo fantasy that made EQ so popular, the community needs a change of pace to a harder edged, harder to play game with an expansive preexisting lore.

So you may be wondering now if I think Vanguard a bad game? No, in a year it may be one of the best out there but as of right now January 13th 2007 it is not ready for the mass market. I wonder what some of your thoughts on the subject may be, especially if you’re an ex-EQ guy/girl.



3 Responses to “EQ -The Death of the EQ community?”

  1. I started playing EQ back in early 2000 and stuck with it until 2004 when EQ2 came out. I was dissapointed to not find many of my friends from EQ in EQ2 as many used different names for their new chars. I have jumped back to EQ and have found a few of my old friends, but like any addiction, it is never as good as your first time. I am finding all the new stuff boring and been there done that. I can hop into any game (WOW, EQ2, etc.) and it is the same jokes that I have been hearing since the good old days in LOIO. I agree with you. I don’t think any game will ever bring back the community that I fell in love with playing EQ, including EQ.I am just bored (and really tired of convincing players that yes, I really am a girl who enjoys playing EQ).

  2. Dutchkids, since you’re an ex-EQ’er, what would you say was the bigger let down, EQ2 or just the general failure of any game since to give you that same feeling of discovering EQ for the first time?


  3. I would have to say not getting the feeling I got discovering EQ for the first time…

    My younger brother led me through the game. He played a mage. The first time I could get to West Commonlands he summoned a giant. He than ran through the druid rings yelling “help” and it was so funny to watch the people try to kill his “pet”.

    I played an enchanter and I went back to WC and enchanted a Bixie to be my pet, then went to the orc camps and had my bixie kill the orcs one by one. It was so funny to hear the noobs yell in OOC “OMG there is a bixie killing the Orcs!”.

    There are many many many more stories (Who hasn’t lost at least one corpse in the bottom of the ocean?) That no other game has seemed to provide. Sure, EQ2 had better content, but nothing really “new”. All the same stuff. EOF just came out, and I spent the first 2 weeks discovering the new zones, but again, all same content.

    Theres nothing like your first time I guess.

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