EvE -The ISK Barrier for new industrialists

The prevailing thought has always been the “grind” in EvE is not skills but ISK. As I found though after creating industrial toon with an eye on mining and research, the normal “grind” should not be considered “normal” or even a “grind” but more of an inpassable mountain.

Currently my argument is that for a new industrialist there is too much of a grind to make any headway in the industrial market in any reasonable amount of time. As a new player, the hours to ISK curve is way too flat and quickly ends up becoming a second job to make any real income. I believe this is a serious barrier to entry for new players (which is the lifeblood of any mmo).

There are a couple of issues at work here which complicate this problem though. It MUST be overall profitable to industrialize 0.0 space as the risk v. reward MUST be in-line with player expectations. Same with venturing into low sec space where vultures are almost even more unreasonable than the corps in 0.0. This is a concept many have explained before but I’ll reiterate, the risk v. reward curve is very steep in EVE.

cropped-eve-_industry1.jpgNow a couple things I noticed while playing the market was massive pvp caused high spikes in the cost of resource, not just limited locally either. Pvp is a direct result of risk, so as pvp increases – as does the spoils. Now generally it’s the industrial sector that makes the most money off pvp (building new ships, equipment, implants, ect..) so industry becomes heavily inflated with more pvp. 

This is economics 101 I’m sure, but EvE is a free market so new players are competing against old players in the marketplace.  If you pit new players with no money,  no relative “skill” in making money, no experience, and the only means of acquiring capital requires a large time investment, against an old timer with a wad of cash nearly 1000x larger than the newbie (nearly a monopoly) – it is no wonder players who only care about industry often get burnt out too quickly. The mountain they have to overcome is huge, and with no competitive advantage like customer service or a better made product, they have little chance to push through without help.

If CCP, though,  somehow made it easier for new players to enter the market you would see an influx of industry alts, further inflating the market. It is a no win situation. The newbies can’t go where the risk v. reward curve is high enough to compete with the big boys, and the high sec curve is too flat to prevent alt inflation.

The only thing I can suggest to prospective industrialists is to start off mission running. Only focus on low risk pve situations where you can build capital with the vast majority of your cash not invested into your ship / resources etc. If you insist upon your fledgling industrial career, join a pve corp or get into EvEUni, a place where you limit the chances of your time being taken advantage of and have the necessary resources to get you over the initial hump.



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