WoW – Bored again…

Yes, back in July when I got into the beta I bought into the hype. I bought into the pretty imagery, the huge vertical architecture, the use of phasing in story driven questing, and even the recommittal to world pvp with winter’s grasp. Most of all though, I bought into Blizzard reevaluating the rate at which they release content updates; maybe that is why two months after Wrath’s release I’m contemplating, yet again, taking an extended amount of time away from the game to play other mmorpgs.

 This is not to say Wrath is lacking in content, really the opposite is true. Eight zones, each with around 110 quests, twelve new instances, 4 new raid instances, 1 new battle ground and a true semi-meaningful world pvp objective is hardly a slouch job on Blizzard’s side and would keep a typical “core” gamer busy around two to three months. Throw in achievements and Death Knights (my opinions on them later), and one might argue Wrath has more content initially then both Burning Crusade and Classic.

No, my beef is two fold.  I’d be in he minority of “Core” gamers if I told you Wrath wasn’t a little disappointing in it’s difficulty level. BC set the bar for heroic dungeons, and while incredibly interesting, fun and well designed, Wrath’s heroic dungeons are generally considered a failure if a pug wipes once on a boss. Jumping straight to heroics while in only quest gear shouldn’t be possible, but is currently the norm. This reduces possible content as it completely nullifies 5 normal instances as barely anyone runs them. It also depreciates gear almost to “Welfare Epics” level, and allows for terribly bad gaming habits to form while not teaching the proper class strategy’s of mana conservation, CC, assisting and threat.

Don’t even get me started on Naxx, my favorite instance of vannilla wow, making it’s triumphet return as a shell of it’s former self. The isntance was laughable easy even for an introductory raid, as my rag-tag guild cleared it in 2 nights first try with a Death Knight (me ^^) main tanking… Also when bad 25-man pugs can at least clear 4 wings, something is not right.

cropped-naxx1.jpg  My second disappointment is more of a long running beef with the rate at which Blizzard releases new content. Now when Blizzard puts out new content it is top notch, well designed, and generally bug free, it’s just they put it out a year and a half a a time. Between Dire Maul’s release and Burning Crusade was a year and a half. Between Burning Crusade and Quel’Danas’ release was yet another year and a half. I can only hope we don’t have to wait another year an a half after Wrath’s release for Blizzard to add another 5-man instance or zone, but it seems to be looking that way.

Originally the time table reported from the devs was to expect patch 3.1 (the Uldar raid patch) to come out late January. Mid January is here, we still have not received patch 3.08 (balance and bug fixes), and 3.1 is no where on the horizon. My guess would be a March release which puts endgame raid guilds (or casual raid guilds for that matter) in the precarious position of completing all raid content nearly 3 months (some 4) before the next raid is released. Stagnate time is never good for a progression guild, already my guild of real life friends has already lost 4 of our key raiders due to boredom.

That number will soon be 5 it seems.



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