WoW – 3 things Wrath got right

I’m not going to claim to be a WoW apologist. That game has more inherent things wrong with it than most subscribers would care to admit. Browse WoWInsider or the EJ forums for a couple of moments and you’ll notice a reoccurring theme, an easy endgame, repetitive pvp, and major class imbalances.

With that said, I’d like to take a quick post to share what I believe were wins the release of Wotlk.

  1. Phasing – Probably one of the more important technologies coming out of mmo’s in the past few years, phasing allows two players, standing right next to each other, to see and experience two completely different things in game – without the use of instancing. Anyone who has experienced the Wrathgate questline in Dragonsblight knows full well the storytelling power (and freedom) Blizzard has now unleashed on the mmo community. Now if only they’d use it a bit more, we’d really be in for a treat. SOE are you paying attention?
  2. The Achievement System – Love it, hate it, the achievement system excels at exactly what it was designed to do – get the same gamers who obsess over collecting gear sets (WoW’s main raiding audience) yet another thing to obsessively collect. Add in how a dungeon’s difficulty can now be scaled to how many and which achievements your party is trying for, it was definitely a breath of fresh air for old timers. (Never mind WAR actually implements essentially a better version of the same while it orginated from LotRO)
  3. Recommittal to Story – Say what you will about WoW’s quests, “if” you stop to read them in WotLK you won’t be disappointed. Each zone has inner story arcs while the major one dealing with Arthas, and how he is slowly tearing the horde and alliance’s uneasy truce apart, was an unexpected benefit. Scripted events and scenes only add to the immersion with the Icecrown storylines being really the pinnacle of Blizzard’s questing success. It’s just too bad most are 80 and had long given up questing by the time they get there.

 There are, though, quite a few things Wrath brought which in November, at release, I would of thought had been it’s strong suite.

– Meaningful world pvp really didn’t live up to expectations. Winter’s Grasp is ok =.= … but 2 hours between games, with that kind of lag?

– Siege weapons (though fun) really didn’t bring as much to WoW as I had originally hoped.

– Even with a huge number of dungeons and raids, the ease of the content really killed most of the fun and replayablility.

– The tabard system, though great for causals meant only needing to run one or two instances (Nexus and Gun’Drak anyone) over and over again for rep and badges once you had achievements/gear from the others. I haven’t seen a Strat group in ages.

Time to get off my WoW short bus. Maybe I’ll feel reinvigorated to tank again once Uldar comes out. Until then FFXI awaits (I should really make a post about this great game).



One Response to “WoW – 3 things Wrath got right”

  1. Wizerbine Says:

    i completely disagree with the tabard system….it’s great and allows me to run one isntance that i like, and not ones i don’t. running shattered halls a million times to get my helm enchant wasn’t fun.

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