News – WAR – Call to Arms Live Expansion Announced

In classic Mythic fashion they continue to stay visible, transparent, and a little outlandish with their up coming schedule. Now, it’s no secret they jumped on the hype mobile prior to WAR’s release with APR campaign which might of raised hopes a little too high but I had thought after the game went gold they would back off a bit.

Who am I kidding this is Mythic. They are ripe with outlandish behavior.

Case in point, before they’re grand second quarter road map announcement that happened Thursday (Jan 29, 09), they sent valentine letters out to random WAR bloggers with a special message hinting at the upcoming events. Then a couple of days later, again they head off to the online game sites / blog sites for a certifiable media blitz of information most prominently displayed on Warhammeronline website.

Answer the Call to Arms!

Today we issued a Call to Arms to all players of WAR with the announcement of the first live expansion for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Call to Arms will introduce an incredible array of new content to the game, including two highly anticipated new careers – the head bashin’ Orc Choppa and the oath-sworn Dwarf Slayer – and a new dungeon zone called Land of the Dead, set in the desert realm of the Tomb Kings.

The Call to Arms live expansion, set to roll out for free over the next few months, will also include three in-game live events, a new RvR Scenario, added functionality to the Realm Wars section of the WAR website, the opening of the official WAR Forums, and a new free trial version of the game. ….


It seems the basic gist of the announcement is 1) the addition of both the Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer and 2) the slowly unraveling introduction for what seems to be a new zone of RvRvE. One other thing to note, they also spoke of an official forum starting up sometime in March, which makes one have to wonder how rocky of a relationship Warhammer Alliance has with Mythic and if fan created websites can (and should) coexist with developers much like how Vanguard.

Going hand and hand (almost more importantly) is the recent interview’s Jon Wood had with Senior Designer Brian Wheeler and producer Jeff Skalski about the new revamp to how Zone Control.

“What we’ve noticed since launch,” Skalski began, “is that there is a lot of fighting going on in the [RvR] lakes and sometimes the zone control bar will just kind of be stuck. One team will be dominating greatly in scenarios while the other is dominating in RvR lakes and the zone never flips. So we came up with this domination system where players, if they capture all of the battlefield objectives and all of the keeps in the zone and hold them for a set amount of time, they will immediately override the zone control bar and capture the zone.”

“Moving forward, what we’re looking at doing is – battlefield objectives: once you capture them, you’ll have to defend them for 30 minutes and keeps: once you capture them they will have to be claimed by a guild and then held for two hours.” I was then told that these numbers are working numbers at the moment and may be tweaked before launch.

This new feature will change the look of the zone control bar as well, adding six new blocks to the top and bottom. As Zone Domination criteria are met, the block begin to light up with the appropriate color.

Basically, your side has to hold all six of their blocks in order to flip the zone.”…


The sheer mention of the importance of “holding” a keep tells me they are going in the right direction; time will tell though. I may pick up my goblin shaman yet before the month is through.



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