FFXI – Attracting a new generation of gamer?

Many have recently pointed to Square’s “new addititions” to FFXI as a way to grab new members from the disgruntaled Warcraft community. To bridge the transition and to ease them into the long journey their first time to 75.

My contention though is new players don’t really care to enjoy FFXI. They don’t care to work through the weird UI or endure the clunky graphics. But can you really blame new players for not sticking it through with FFXI? This is a new market and new generation of mmo’ers, the thrid, or WoW, generaton.

– This is a generation that grew up on FFX, not FFV.

– Most now a days began their mmo career in either WoW, LotRO, or MapleStory and not UO, EQ or free MUDs.

– They learned to rvr in Warhammer and not DoAC, and they think you pvp to get gear.

– They live in a world where Darkfall’s release has only been pushed back once!

– A world where “of course Vanguard failed”.

– They think mission running in EvE is “what you do” to play the game.

– Most can’t even remember originally WoW’s only raid bosses were classic outdoor spawns which guilds fought over, that many believed it to be the spiritual successor to EQ (before massive instancing, reduction in xp needed to level, and pvp regulated to BG’s).

– Most think AoC was original in it’s world pvp implementation. (god rest your soul Shadowbane)  

– A generation where FPS’s reign supreme, action can’t come fast enough, and rewards must come quickly and cheaply.

In a game where the new player experience hasn’t changed since 2002, a game where (at least initially) you can’t move around with the wasd keys, a game where you have to hack your own registry to make the graphics actually look good, a game where the frist 10-15 levels are the loneliest grinding (not questing) in the game, you expect this new generation to get it and tough it out?

FFXI’s great accomplishments are it’s storyline, complexity, and livability of it’s world. I guess you could say it’s greatest accomplishment really is the sense of accomplishment you get by progressing. 

Square can do all they like to try to attract this new 3rd generation of MMO’ers, but I can tell you it won’t work. Honestly, Square and the FFXI community shouldn’t expect new players from this generation to understand why FFXI is what it is, a good old-fashion bad a$$ mmorpg.



6 Responses to “FFXI – Attracting a new generation of gamer?”

  1. Wizerbine Says:

    you forgot dark and light!

  2. Christian Says:

    lol this post is so vague, it’s like you praise wow and diss ffxi and then u praise ffxi… wat the heck…

  3. If you play FiFXI you’ll understand the love/hate relationship with it. The point I was trying to get at no matter how great of an old school mmo FFXI is, this new generation of mmo’re just won’t play it.

    Generally it’s understood there are 3 current generations of MMO’ers…
    1st – the MUD to pre-EQ:Shadows of Luclin, this includes those who began their career on OU and Asheron’s Call.
    – 1995 -> late 2001

    2nd- post EQ:Kunark to WoW. his includes those people who started their career with DaoC, Shadowbane, Lineage 2, SWG and Ragnarok.
    – 2002 -> late 2004

    3rd – WoW through the present, and includes all games since. Though some contend this should be divided yet again into smaller, more focused groups.
    – 2005 -> now

    Later this week I’ll make a post as to why each breakoff is where hey are and the impact it had on the industry as a whole.


  4. Edit: meant to say..
    2nd – post EQ:SoL to WoW

  5. ffxidkunite Says:

    I agree wth christian,

    I can’t tell if this is your best post or your worst so far… it’s lik youre arguing with someone the reader doesn’t know about

  6. Same seems to be holding true for FFXIV as well…


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