EQ2 – Graphical optimizations

I started up the EQ2 trail last night on the recommendation of friend from MMORPG[dot]com.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve played EQ2 numerous times before but always I had been disappointed with it’s graphical optimizations. It had always run clunky, choppy and any number of other bad words to describe it’s performance, even on my desktop.

 Because I travel so often I had thought it an impossibility to even run EQ2 on my company laptop (core2 duo ~2.5Ghz, 3Gig ram,  nvidia Quatro NVS 130M). While great for multi-boxing Visual Studio 2008, I must run WoW on minimum settings.

As I had mentioned before, a friend had told me SOE had made many improvements to EQ2s performance but still I wasn’t so sure after not being able to run LotRO. I had booted up in the Kunark starter zone without changing any setting and was pleasantly surprised.

On balanced settings I capped out at 31FPS. When I increased setting to high, my FPS only dropped to 25. I had little to no graphical hiccups and animation ran fairly smooth.I can say I was unexpectedly impressed with how far this game has come since release. I believe this mostly had to do with the recent inclusion of dual core support, something EQ2 had been lacking for years.

 If you haven’t tried out EQ2 in a while because of poor performance, I recommend at least booting up the trial and take a look at how far it has really come. For once, bravo SOE, now if only you had done this 4 years ago I might 5 lvl 70s in EQ2 instead of WoW. =/



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