News – WAR – Official forum is live

It seems Mythic has finally bit the bullet and implemented their on personal game forums.


   So, I’m pleased to announce that in the next few months Mythic will be hosting, for the first time, its own Official Forums for one of its games. Now, I expect that some (okay, a lot) of you are wondering what form these forums will take and why, after so many years of being rather vocal against OFs, are we doing them now. I hope to answer both of these questions here today.

First, as to the form the forums will take, I think it is safe to say that our Community Management team has the mandate to create and moderate the best game forums for any MMO. We have spent a lot of time both looking at other games’ support forums and talking about how we can do even better. Our forums will have all the expected niceties as well as our own twist on things. We will also have only full and part-time paid experienced moderators on the forums who will be part of the Mythic team. The forums will be laid out in an easy to access manner, low on the graphics/flash nonsense and we will not be running ads of any kind on the forums.  We will have a code of conduct on the forums which the moderators will enforce but this code will not be there to stifle debate but to ensure that name-calling, insults, threats, etc. whether to Mythic, EA, other developers and other players will not be tolerated. This is a similar policy to the one we had with our beta forums and similar to that found on some other forums.


This comes at a crucial time in WAR’s life cycle and possible could make or break this game. Mythic has always prided themselves on communication with their player base and I believe this decision would of been a  no brainier had funding been sufficient. As is I can’t help but wonder if this is really needed at at the moment.

I don’t believe Mythic was disappointed with moderation at IGN or Warhammer Alliance but I wonder if they didn’t like splitting announcements and answers between all f the major forums. With the economy, EA and WAR  in the state they are, I just don’t see it paying dividends in the near future.

Is this a long term strategy to increase perception and new player awaress? If so then they must be expecting a new influx of fresh gamers some point in the future. I guess the question is why now, and why not at release when an official forum was necessary? Even Jacob’s statements don’t seem to ring the natural cockiness of Mythic’s usually decisions (remember his capital city post?).

If I were a betting man, I’d say EA is holding the cards and sincerely didn’t not believe in WAR prior to release. Post release, once they made it through the expansion gantlet (Wrath, MoM, and SO) and WAR still had a devoted following (still barely above break even), they forced Mythic to reevaluated they’re customer support structure. It doesn’t seem, with Mark Jacob’s verbiage, Mythic thought this a good endeavor, possibly severing ties with IGN and WA in the process.

Potential backlash from community managers, and  posters? Maybe. On the outside looking in I’d have to agree the forums were not needed but regardless this will be an interesting developing sub story in the power struggle between EA and Mythic that is WAR.



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