WAR – 3 Key Issues for Warhammer

All accounts of WAR’s 1.2 patch have been very positive so far. New classes, new zone control scheme, new scenarios, and 500 bug fixes usually do provide a breadth of fresh air to any game. I’ve even heard many try to compare the compilation of patch’s 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 to an official expansion. While I wouldn’t go that far quite yet (doing so would undermine the hard work of the Turbine / Blizzard / Sony / NC Soft / Square and CCP developers out there) I will agree Mythic is attempting the impossible in a relatively short span.

Looking over the patch notes I began thinking about really what is wrong with Warhammer, at the core, and I believe I have a fairly succinct but comprehensive list.

WAR was released too early, missing classes, buggy, laggy, incomplete endgame, and a poorly thought out rvr experience. These are the complaints we’ve heard over and over again on the major forums for god knows how long but they are the local, short term issues which Mythic is actively dealing with (and extremely well). A constant stream of updates monthly filled with bug fixes, and changes to the game to make it more enjoyable, will definitely appease WAR’s loyal customers and may keep around hardcore gamers.

WAR has to get figure out the direction they want to go with RvR. Originally in beta it was scenarios only, all the time – then due to playe demands they released keeps sieges (a little haphazardly). Their focus is now starting to shift away from instanced content but the underlining system is still there at end game and the zone reward structure. They really have until mid summer to fix this before even the hardcore member’s commitment may begin to wane. I have a feeling though the most loyal of customers may stick with it well into the fall.

WAR has to find a way to get out from under it’s old brother’s (DaoC) shadow. WAR is searching for an identity, something it can call it’s own, it’s niche, and I honestly don’t think they’ve found it yet. And no, it is not enough to be the spiritual successor, older generation gamers won’t allow it and quite honestly, WAR is so far from DoAC that it is almost an insult to call it that. This of course is a longer term project.

This patch along with the proposed 1.3 patch go a long way in fixing point 1, and touching on the underlining problems expressed in point 2. I still question they’re long term goal for WAR – I think originally they wanted something between WoW and EvE – but that range is soo large that it lacks focus.

I’m hoping WAR becomes a game based around land battles, making the zones meaningful in a long term way (kinda like L2) but I worry it RvR in WAR will only ever amount to farming new sets of gear. I hope Mythic proves me wrong.



One Response to “WAR – 3 Key Issues for Warhammer”

  1. Spriggan Says:

    I’d have to agree, I’m looking forward to 1.3.

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