Quicky – Darkfall Online Review

The reviews are starting to slowly trickle out it seems and there appears to be a common thread between the non biased ones… the game needs polish and time. Amazing revolation there!

We’ll see what happens in the long term but yesterday I found an actual good review that is fairly straight and narrow. The Burial Ground: Darkfall review

I am in no way endorsing anyone play this game, but I do find it’s game mechanics interesting (much like EvE) and feel it’s worth following from a distance.



3 Responses to “Quicky – Darkfall Online Review”

  1. John Thomas Says:

    the game is great so far, i get ganked a lot but gear doenst mater and it only sucks fighting over bad guys since there is a lot of kill stealing.

    had a huge city siege the other night, i fought on the outscirts (JT)

  2. Tracy Says:

    Very cool, bro 😀

  3. hangnails Says:

    At minimum I can’t think of any MMO I would rather being playing and at best I can only think of one game in my entire gaming life that might be marginally better and that is neverwinter nights 1 and only becuase players can create worlds.

    This game is different, if you dont understand what they are trying to do with the game it might take a bit of time getting into the groove but I am dead serious when I say there hasnt been a game this good in a long time in my view

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