[MoP] Talent Feedback from a Fire Mage

So I’ve resumed my on again off again relationship with WoW, and oddly with Mists of Pandaria and Guild Wars 2 on the horizon, I felt now as good of time as any to also continue my MMO blog.

This post will be a little different as I’ll be reviewing the current Beta Talents for Mages and shed a little light on the direction I’d like to see my beloved class head in.

Tier 1

Scorch seems to be the obvious choice but having PoM back after so many years is amazingly strong in both pvp and pve. Crit -> Infreno -> Pryo -> PoM Pryo -> Combust I suspect will be a nice ‘go to’ for kills and great in pve to line your trinkets up with.

Icy Flows has the potential to be a strong talent with a slightly lower CD (to 45sec). At one minute, I prefer PoM, but at 45sec I could see a much harder decision . This talent makes it nearly impossible for someone to LoS a poly.

Not a big fan of scorch at the moment. Spell mechanics (blink) and even the lvl 90 talents (rune of power) encourage careful planning and forethought into movement, and I’ve always felt scorch promotes lazy play. I could see “certain” hard mode encounters requiring it but to me it feels like a necessary evil for people who just enjoy the spell.

I’d make it baseline and add a talent that maybe goes the other direction a al…

[Fire Turrent]
Any casted spell gains 10% haste on its cast time.

This would obviously add an interesting decision based on the fight you going into, improve the leveling experience, and reward smarter play by movement.

Tier 2

Blazing Speed was my big surprise on this tier. Changing it to be casted proc made it fun, dynamic, situational, and plays well with other mage mechanics. It’s a move in the right direction though something like allowing it to stack to 3, giving 3 total sec of 150% speed at the cost of 6% hp could make it more enticing to when compared to extremely powerful tier 2 abilities.

Tier 3

I took Ice Ward into Jade Temple and quite honestly it’s not a bad little spell. The duration felt short, I’d bump it to  2min with a 45sec CD  but maybe I’d feel different arena. Overall I can’t see taking anything but Ring of Frost in most situations, especially on a 30sec CD.

Frostjaw will have the most interesting possibilities with Fire and Arcane and might be very, very strong.

Again a great tier.

Tier 4

Cold snap feels wrong and forced in this tier. I’d get rid of the heal and have it also reset the CD of all abilities on the 2nd tier (Temporal Shield, Blazing Speed and Ice Barrier). Give all mages a better way of doing what they do best and already have the tools for (avoiding damage, not healing it).

I might be alone in the mage community but the heal seems tacked on and under budgeted. Heals as a mage should be “expensive” just like damage negation as a warlock should be “expensive” in balancing terms. Each class has their flavor for survival and ‘easy’ heals as a mage don’t feel right.

After playing around with Greater Invisibility I see potential for it to be slightly better than Cauterize mainly do to the wiping of (2) debuffs. Pair that with instant threat wipe and 90% dmg reduction, and you have a very dynamic, multi situational spell.

I think this may end up being the defacto standard come MoP progression.

Tier 5

None of the bombs “add” much to fire at the moment. I took Nether Tempest for the temple run just because I noticed living bomb doesn’t get spread by inferno anymore.

Neat abilities but no interaction with fire abilities make it a boring tier. To add to the leveling experience I’d move this to the lvl45 tier (t3) and move everything else down one slot. AoE is fun in low level dungeons.


Can’t comment on tier 6 but it honestly looks to be one of the best in all of wow. It’ll significantly change “how” you play your mage and how you play your spec. I can’t wait to hit 90.

As an aside, the loss of blastwave, flame orb and now a CD on an underwhelming flamestrike had me thinking of ideas for our aoe. Obviously flame orb was a boring spell but blastwave had many situational uses. I also like the idea of randomly resetting Inforno’s CD during aoe phases so I think something like this could work.

Fire Orb
45sec CD
Casts a stationary flame orb in an area that pulses X,XXX fire damage every 2sec for 10sec. Casting Fire Orb again causes it to detonate orb for XX,XXX and daze all targets for 3sec. Each pulse of flame orb has a chance of resetting your inferno blast CD.

I could see a lot of uses for this in both pve and pvp. Covering for a flag runner, peeling for a healer, while adding another CD to manage on boss fights. For trash it could add an interesting dynamic of when to detonate it versus wait for inferno blast procs.

Anyway I’ll try out frost this week – I’m expecting good things. ^^



2 Responses to “[MoP] Talent Feedback from a Fire Mage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i disagree, nothing will ever be better than cauterize

  2. That may be true, especially considering how it interacts with Temporal Shield and Alter Time, but Greater Invis basically is Cloak of Shadows + Vanish + Cheat Death in one ability.

    That is no small feat and one I think mages will come to appreciate over time.

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