GW2: Dungeoning Reaction

Hit level 43 last night, ran a couple dungeons and had a ton of fun.

The bosses have some interesting mechanics but by in large the trash is much tougher. Since there is no tank, fights can be very punishing if you are not paying attention to your surroundings which can be hard with lots of mobs on the screen at once (visual clutter).

I ran the storymode of Caudecus’s Manor twice and storymodes are just as they sound, dungeons with storyline told through many cutscenes (which I always enjoyed). A couple important notes I ascertained on my adventure was..

Combo fields which provide group buffs and debuffs are very important – I’d actually say a support based build or 2 is a must for any party. Blind, protection, regen and vulnerability seem to be most important¬† while burning and confused take a distant second.

Focus fire seems to be terribly important as well, more so than in most mmos. Chill is a very good debuff on trash for kitting melee but honestly casters and ranged are really what my group died the most to.

I also can’t stress enough how important it is to play defensive once you get aggro on a boss, staying alive is the most important thing you can do. That said, downed state is a necessary evil in pve as it can serve as a threat wipe when you mess up it just puts extra strain on the rest of the party to get you back alive.

So far, through a week of playing, it seems like classes fall into the below “general” roles…

elementalists and engineers = jack of all trades, fill any role, think like a druid that can preform all 4 specs equally (combo starter type class)
rangers and thiefs = centered around high damage (combo finisher type class)
mesmer and necro = debuffers and buffers
guardians = party damage mitigation, can carry a party on their back
warrior = league of their own, finisher type class with good party buffs/debuffs and badassery

That said all the classes seem to preform any role if spec’d and played properly, just from what I saw in a party this feels like the intent of each class.

I also found a neat dungeon tips and tricks guide on reddit which might be helpful to those of you playing GW2 right now.

– D^t


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